Is your little girl into Squishies, or she is a total science genius; No matter what he was obsessed with, there were many very unique prizes for the 9-year-old girl to choose here in this great list.

Complete cookbook for young chefs

Tested by more than 750 children, recipes in the award-winning book will equip the young chef with knowledge to make delicious dishes for breakfast, dinner, dessert, and so on.

Stop motion claymation kit

Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Girls who are interested in making films can get early with Claymation, kits that use stop motion technology to change the Little Clay numbers into animated stories using the selected application.

9 years of shirt

Nine short years suddenly looked longer when they were broken down into several months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, because of this ultra-cool shirt, which is available in 5 primary colors, clearly shows.

Geode kit

Children who want to know will love to break these stones open to find beautiful crystals in it. With 10 original geodes in each set, there is also a 16-page learning guide to help him understand.

Good night story for rebel girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Inspiring the 9-year-old girls with good night’s story for rebel girls, a collection of real stories about 100 extraordinary women who have changed their history in the way they are incomparable.

9th birthday girl charm bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is equipped with 6 adorable charms, including one birthday, pearls available in 18 different colors, and personalized initialization to make it yourself.

Mindfulness Adventure Maze Books

Pandu a gentle 9-year-old girl along the emotional road with these books, who explore the theme of anxiety and self-esteem sensitive, but entertained.

Kiwi Doodle Crate Co

Keep him inspired every month with Doodle Crate, which gives all the ingredients he needs to make beautiful DIY crafts, from candles blocked by color to amazing wooden hours.

Secret decoder ring

Secret Decoder Ring

Wannabe Spies and disguise agents can take place in front of competition with this stainless steel decoder ring, which rotates to decipher the alpha-numeric code and secret message.

Rescue Runts

Teach your children all about the love and care of dogs needed by rescue themselves Runt Husky. These runts arrive all tangled / dirty and need a lot of love and care to take them back to full health – use care equipment to brush their fur, clean the tears, cleanse dirty and wandering legs.

142-cut wood art

If he is serious about art, make sure he has all the tools he needs. This wooden case holds a color pencil, pastel crayons, and rainbow watercolor paint, along with brushes, erasers, and sharpener.

My comic book kit

Imagine he was happy when he opened the package and saw his comic book printed professionally made using his own illustration and ideas, complete with a page ‘about the author’.

Gumball machine maker lab

Gumball Machine Maker Lab

The Gumball machine is an old favorite, but this one combines physics and techniques with pleasure and taste when they build one that combines bends, rounds, pulleys, pendulum, and other interesting actions.

Fairy kit

Every child needs small fairy magic in their lives, and with this kit they can create eight magical projects, from fairy doors to the flower crown, and extraordinary fairy dust necklaces.