Is it for a holiday season or a friend’s birthday that comes to the corner, most of us always need a new gift idea – especially for writers in our lives, which might be very difficult to shop! Indeed, finding a great prize for writers is much easier than done … but it’s never been afraid, because we are in Reedy understand your pain.
That’s why we put hard work to make this guide from 60 perfect gifts for the author. It is divided into several parts based on prices and ordered from the lowest price to the highest for easy browsing. If you see something you like for a friend’s friend (or for yourself), just click the link to buy it. Happy shopping – and even gifting happier!

Hobonichi page keeper

Get to know someone who always loses their place in the book? Break their problems forever with hobonichi Page Keeper: a simple and elegant alternative to Dog Earing which is only $ 5 per pop.

Lady Macbeth Guest Soap

Lady Macbeth's guest soap

Exit, a damned place! Affordable jewelry (and rather funny), this pretty practical soap will take care of all the needs that eradicate your shit – morally and vice versa.

Keychain Typewriter.

Another great choice for those who have a limited budget, this cute keychain is only a “type” of gifts for writers who value understated accessories.


If you like to sing in the rain, be prepared for a better sequel: writing in the rain! Pad Waterproof Aquanotes allows you to capture # that is difficult to understand. It’s just that, don’t blame us when you (or your friend) end three times a water bill.

Jane Austen Socks.

As Albus Dumbledore said, “someone will never be able to have enough socks.” We were there with him – and trusted us that the author socks didn’t get better than the beautiful one from Jane Austen.

Cat stationery

Cat stationery

We all know the writers are cats in the heart: the fan is closed, temperamental, and many naps. Therefore why every writer in the book will enjoy this charming stationery (can even be adjusted to their name at the top). Don’t forget to tell them “Meowy Christmas!” or “Have legs – one day!”

Tequila Mockingbird.

You know what they say: write down, edit conscious. Drinks in this book include “Pitcher from Gray Goose Dorian,” “Romeo and Julex,” “own rum,” and “the last of Mojitos.” The success of a guaranteed party that will make everyone go with Gin in a short time.

Harry Potter Funko Pops

Looking for super adorable literary table toys? Pop Funko has made you covered with big-eyed Harry Potter statues, such as Bobblehead, from Hermione Casting-Patronus to Hagrid themed vacation. They are also available in key chain form!

Prismacolor Pens.

Every self-respect writer requires a decent pen, and this prismacolor is La Crème de la Crème (pen pen de la?). Even those who only handle a shopping list will enjoy crispy ink and fine finish from prismacolor pen – and at $ 12 for a set of five, they steal seriously.

Stress ball

Stress balls

When mental simplicity writes too much – or when someone’s tired fingers can use a break – no stress ball to release the tip. This three-color package is only $ 13, so your writer can save it in several locations for creative mulgencies.

Novel tea.

Stuffer’s stocking, 25 tea bags packed with famous quotes from Victoria books, guaranteed to keep the author warm and comfortable when they work. Because the product description says: Read them and steep!

“Block writer”

Whether they use it as a paper barrel or for some levity that is very much needed in difficult writing days, this wooden writer block is a silly gift that is fun for every writer in your life. Just look at the same Punny prize in the same store, including the official “artistic license” for your dramatic friends and blocks designed for strange types.