More than 5,000 dragonflies are known, and they symbolize wisdom, change, transformation, and adaptability in life. However, we can register 5,000 extraordinary items. We do hard work and narrow the list for you. You will find items from garden decorations for baby gifts and among them.

Voice of the wind

Wind Chime

Dragonfly Wind Bells are a great addition to parks or terraces and will be enjoyed by people you love when they watch dragonflies on the lawn. The aluminum tube provides a beautiful sound while the 6 small dragonfly moves. Also, there are 1 big dragonfly above which has extraordinary details!


Your book lover you will adore this unique bookmark that displays feathers and dragonflies. There are 5 design options for you to choose, and it shines in the dark.

Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern

Garden decorations can be fun and creative, like this solar lantern. This can be hung on the hook or placed on the table to be enjoyed. Also, because this is solar powered, you don’t need to worry about storing batteries to work.

Coloring book

Coloring books can be very fun. The complicated design in this case is very beautiful and will provide hours of coloring to anyone. So take a good color pencil set to add and make this a perfect gift.

Decorative stickers

This dragonfly sticker is very life everyone must praise him. They can be placed in notebooks, computers, telephones, and more!

Dragonfly pajamas

Dragonfly Pajamas

New baby gifts are very pleasant to pick. BEES BURTS made this Onesie covered by dragonfly artwork. Because this is a soft and beautiful part, everyone definitely wants to love and praise it.

Nightlight Dragonfly

Even though the night lights are very good for kids rooms, they can also be a small touch of home decor. This one design is very beautiful and will be a great addition to the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

Sterling silver necklace

This amazing necklace featuring two dragonflies, making it a perfect gift for the mother’s day of a son or daughter. It is white gold plated, silver sterling, and hypoallergenic makes it a good part for anyone’s collection. Also, you can choose from 2 different colors for stone.

Tumbler wine

Wine Tumbler

Tumblers are one of my favorite items for gift lists because they can really be for anyone. Your best friend will think of you whenever they use this dragonfly wine glass and will enjoy colorful design too! Because it has vacuum isolation, continues to drink heat for 3 hours or cold for 9 hours.

Blue Dragonfly Notecard

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to write a letter, this is perfect! You can get some nice pens to enter or add a gift basket. Set 14 This card is empty on the inside, leaving plenty of space for private messages, and made of quality card stock.
“Dragonflies symbolizes our ability to overcome difficulty time.” This quote on a key chain is a perfect support token and likes to send friends or family members who experience some lumps on the road. This keychain will be a constant keepsake and reminder that they will go through difficult times.

Dragonfly bracelet.

Dragonfly Bracelet

This bracelet has sparkling stones on the body, creating the details of the blue and complicated vertices on the wing. Because the bracelet can be adjusted, it can easily load a lot of wrist size or used as a ravine bracelet. Also, the silver sterling white gold plated is hypoallergenic, making it safe to use.