Whether you need a birthday present, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, or just because of a gift, we have a funny gift for a boyfriend who will brighten the day and make it smile.

Swan Pendant Necklace

Swan Pendant Necklace

The cute Swarovski Swarovski necklace is a memento gift he will appreciate forever. Swan has been made from Swarovski Pink and clear crystals that are suspended from a gold-plated chain up 14 7/8 inches.

Dice decider dated

The night date should be fun, not stressed, because you can’t decide what to do! This dice will make sure you have a lot of night ideas on dates, 36 of them actually. The dice comes in a velvet gift bag and is made of solid metal.


If you are looking for a funny gift, you can’t go wrong with a cat sock! There are five pairs of socks, every color is different. Socks are 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, and 5% spandex so they will not sag. Socks that can be washed with machines and will match women wearing American shoes from five to eight.

Infuser tea

Tea Infusers

Soki tea will tell you that loose leaf tea is very superior than tea bags. This adorable tea infuser is a great gift for tea in your life! Squirrels and seeds are made of silicon food-grade and BPA free.

Lunch tote

This lunch tote is a wise gift if your girlfriend tries to save money or eat healthier by bringing lunch than ordering. Tote made of solid oxford fabric and waterproof aluminum foil. The bag is big enough for lunch, snacks, and drinks and store items at correct temperatures.

Mug coffee monogram

This ceramic coffee cup with the first or final initial in Rose Gold Glitter is a great Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend or birthday present for friends who happen to love all the sparkling things! The ceramic mug accommodates 11 ounces, is a dishwasher and safe microwave, and arrives in a gift box, so it’s ready to give gifting.

Cactus Diffuser

This cute little essential oil diffuser cannot be easier or safer to use. Diffuser does not require electricity, battery, or heat. Just fill in the diffuser with a mixture of carrier oil and essential oil, or just put a few drops of essential oil that is not silent on it. This is a good gift and home decoration.

Lipstick wine kissing glasses

Lipstick Kiss Wine Glasses

If your girlfriend likes a glass of wine and makeup, this shopping wine glasses are the best gift! There are four glasses in a set, each decorated with a naughty lipstick kiss. Each glasses hold 15 ounces, made of tin-free glass and safe dishwasher.

Bottle of glass water

This might be my imagination, but when I drink water from a plastic or metal water bottle, water has a plastic taste or loud. That’s why I like this water bottle; It’s made of glass, so the water feels like water! This bottle holds 20 ounces, made of light but durable glass, silicon sleeve BPA, so the glass is protected, and bamboo bumps.

Cherry wallet

I like cherry patterns; They are very cheerful and happy! This cherry wallet accommodates up to six credit cards, photo ID, paper money compartment, and coin bags. Only a size of 4 x 5 inches, is easily stored in a wallet or bag but is large enough to bring their needs.

Cotton robe

This beautiful robe was made in a patchy style from Sari Handsewn returned by Indian craftsmen. Made of 100% cotton, it’s a big robe, light for summer or cute swimsuit cover. The robe is one of the most suitable sizes.

Frieda Kahlo Apron

Frieda Kahlo Apron

Is your boyfriend an artist or art lover who also like to cook? If so, he will adore this Frieda Kahlo apron. Made of 100% cotton in Mexico, apron is one size-fit and has a nice bag to save the phone while in the kitchen.

Set of self-care gifts

If you need a last minute gift, you can’t go wrong with gifts that make it enjoy a little time self-care, and this spa set is beautiful. The set includes bath salts, goat milk soap, soy wax, lip balm, and black chocolate or loose leaf tea (tea in warmer months because chocolate may melt in transit).