We found some fantastic gift ideas and geeks for chemistry teachers, chemists, and other science nerds. From glass to clothing, these ideas are practical, funny, and unique. Here are some solid chemical gift ideas that will definitely get a reaction (game words) from the science geek in your life.

Chemical glass wine glass

Beaker Wine Glasses

Wine lovers meet the chemistry of nerd. Percentic tableware married the clarity of science with mixology art, capturing the reaction between modern glass and barware. Perfect science gift for wine drinkers! It also comes in glass glasses and glasses that are shot.

Periodic thermos

Chemists know how important H2O is for the body. This stainless steel insulated vacuum water bottle makes a hot or cold drink for hours. The compact design of a cup of leather cover travel will show your personality and make a difference for activities while traveling.

Seratin Cufflinks.

Molecules Formula cuffs are a great gift for chemical lovers who also like to look Dapper. All handmade polished well. Thick reinforcement, sturdy and durable, and perfect for daily clothing.

You react overeat

You’re Overreacting Mug

If they spend all day in the chemical lab, this mug is a must. This is what you react is very suitable for those who like chemical jokes and love good laughter. Definitely a conversation starter.

Throw pillows

Theme Science This hand-drawn style decorative chemical laboratory Square accent pillowcase is a way for them to show their love for science at home.

Freddy Mercury Tee.

This smart tee will make chemical chemical smile from ear to ear. These great top fittings are preshrunk, soft tri-blending fabric moisture with vintage view.

Molecular coaster

From a refreshing buzz from your morning coffee to the pleasure of Hoppy from Friday night beer – Is this liquid asset infused with magic? No, there are other words for it: Science! Celebrate a beautiful chemistry behind your drink when you sip with the designer of Rovena Rovena Rovena Tey. Each has a drink molecular structure, from the elegant simple water formula into complicated geometry of thagleflavin (antioxidants in tea).

Mug noble gas.

Noble Gases Mug

This cute periodic table gift makes a large joke gift or a birthday gift for science geek. Premium colorful sublimation trail creates a design that is living, durable, and lead-free. This 11 ounce white ceramic coffee mug will also drink whatever they want.

Persimal Table Scarf Element

This light chemical chemical table is infinity scarf is very good for any season. Sewn-in double layers without open stitches or raw edges. This is a good way to periodically (also intended) accessing clothes.

Periodic Cutting Board

This periodic table of elements trimperates the perfect gift for anyone science lovers and likes to cook. This bamboo board has been oiled before for lasting durability. Both on duty or display, this beautiful laser-engraved cut board. Bamboo is stronger than hardwood, easier in kitchen knives, and is more harvested on an ongoing basis than traditional hardwood.

Tube tube during set set

Test Tube Sea Salt Set

Tube tube sea salt kit will be useful for kitchen chemists! The set includes 10 different gourmet salt varieties in a reaction tube of one ounce and a tube sitting on an attractive wooden shelf.

Serotonin molecular necklace

Chemical structure turned fine jewelry. Serotonin is a contributor to feelings of welfare and happiness. Give them science gifts and happiness. It’s perfect for women in science in your life.